The Asset Management Team Leader is responsible for obtaining information from records of the entity and for the management of assets in accordance with policies and procedures.

  • In addition, this position requires knowledge and experience in managing one or more portfolios of the specific asset types.
  • This position ensures the asset management personnel and account officers have: knowledge of all the assets retained; and, copies of documentation in order to create asset files in a proper format. The Team Leader is in close communication with the Pro Forma Manager, Claims Manager and Asset Servicing Managers to ensure proper reporting and necessary information systems are maintained.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Seven (7) years experience in portfolio management for the types of assets described in the Task Order.
  • Five (5) years experience in a project management/supervisory capacity.
  • Three (3) years demonstrated experience in managing complex asset types from financial institutions or private sector.
  • Experience with a wide variety of asset servicing systems, asset types and agreements, such as participation agreements, pooling and servicing agreements, pass-through, REMIC and REMIC-like securitizations, securities, IRBs, and credit card processing agreements.
  • Ability to analyze loan operations policies and procedures as well as the ability to determine and implement best practices.
  • Demonstrated organizational and management skills, as well as oral and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated capability to train staff and oversee all projects to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
  • Ability to review and critique the work papers prepared by support staff to ensure accuracy and compliance with policies.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft’s Office Suite Products (Word, Excel and the like) and the ability to quickly learn standardized software.

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