Utilizing cutting-edge technology and open dialogue with investors, Asset Revitalization Solutions’ platform is designed with the principles of efficiency, thoroughness, and transparency at the forefront.

Due Diligence

All of Asset Revitalization Solutions’ credit and collateral underwriting is done in-house by our highly qualified asset management professionals while property underwriting is left to the principals of Asset Revitalization Solutions who personally visit each asset acquired. In cases where local expertise is needed, the company has an extensive nationwide network of third-party local specialists, brokers, and lawyers to assist in the diligence.

Special Asset Servicing

Asset Revitalization Solutions runs on a proprietary software built on a cloud-computing platform and developed over 20 years to create a streamlined process directly tailored for our investments and our investors. Our customized loan servicing system, STARS, provides investors and managers a scalable solution for managing distressed assets throughout their life cycles, realizing maximum returns while carefully managing liability and cost. Anthem Bank and Trust, an affiliate of Asset Revitalization Solutions, manages the master servicing and payment collection.

Investor Reporting

STARS provides unprecedented transparency and enables institutional investors the ability to track asset reports, key performance indicators, and portfolio performance in real-time. Each quarter, the investment team reevaluates each asset-level business plan in order to determine the most current and effective course of action. Investors also receive monthly third-party investor reports on their portfolio.

Third Party Vendors

Asset Revitalization Solutions contracts Crowe Horwath, LLP, for the partnership’s auditing, Jackson Walker, LLP, for legal, and Urbina & Company, PLLC, for accounting.